Content MOT

Do you, or your business, use social media because you know you ought to but not really know why, how or how to evaluate it? Have your followers stagnated and are your posts falling on deaf ears? 

Does your social media following reflect your real customer profile? Are your followers the right people to by from you? Do your posts fall on deaf ears because you don’t understand Facebook’s latest algorithm?

Would you love to know how to raise your profile either online, within your community or via old school written media?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need a SocialLite Content MOT to tell you just how sociable your brand or business is.

Our social media analysts can show you how to find all of this out and help you build a social media strategy to mirror and meet your business’s real world objectives.

First we’ll give your current activity a quick (very detailed) once over and tell you where you’re going wrong - or right - and what you should be doing to move forwards.

We work with brands to set their PR, digital and social strategy, identifying a unique tone of voice, establishing their target audience and matching it to the right channels to reach them.  We have a proven track record in devising strategies which reap rewards for our clients; meeting their objectives and ultimately putting £s on their bottom line.

If you like what we tell you then our content team can work with you to build a plan to drive the results you have always dreamed of but never quite known how to achieve.

What Is A Content MOT?

A total overhaul of your current marketing activity - this could be PR, social or paid for activity. Depending on the channels you use we will interrogate the results you are getting and work with you to build a strategy you can use moving forwards.

You don’t have to commit to working with us to deliver this strategy - you can if you want to.

For us to take a look at two channels - Facebook and Twitter for example would cost just £895. This would include an initial meeting to take the brief, our evaluation, a half day brand session and a fully formulated digital strategy for you to run with.

If you want us to bring this strategy to life with a campaign and creative content this would require on ongoing commitment. We offer ongoing campaigns at £495 pm for one piece of activity or we can tailor bespoke packages if you would like something more involved and long term.

We can offer a discount for anyone signs up to six or 12 months.

How Can We Help?

Interested in hearing more? Give Claire or Daisy a call on 0161 806 0885 or fill in the below form and tell us what your biggest challenge is as a business… we might even send back some ideas.